Who is Jesus ?

The most important question in human history is the one
Jesus asked his followers 20 centuries ago:
Who do you say I am?
(Bible: Matthew 16:15)


We are in trouble!

The God who created this universe and everything in it is holy, loving, compassionate, and forgiving. He desires to have a personal relationship with his master-creation- man. However, the obstacle between God and man is the sins of man such as: pride, lust, greed, selfishness, and many more. Over the centuries humans have tried to do good numerous good things in order to please God. Yet, at the end, they all fail.

But, there is a way out!

Trust me.

This is why God sent his only Son, Jesus to die for our sins. Jesus was holy, sinless, lived on earth, and healed people from their diseases and their problems.

These people who encountered Jesus did not receive the healing and return to their previous lives, but rather they thoughts and their lifestyle changed completely.

They internally became loving, patient, forgiving, self-less, and many more.


Jesus is the Way, Truth and the Life!

Unlike many other religious teachers who walked on this earth, Jesus claimed to be God. He said that the His gift of eternal life and peace is free and available to everyone who comes to Him and becomes His disciple.

Jesus continues to live among His people who have a relationship with Him.

He speaks to them, He gives them peace, He gives them favor, He gives them hope, He heals them from their sickness, He forgives them from their sins, and transforms their life!