About Anisha Sabu

Hello there! Here is a sneak peak into my life..

Rev. Anisha Sabu

Rev. Anisha J. Sabu is an inspiring writer, teacher, and preacher of the Word. Her passion to preach the gospel accurately and see God transform the lives of people receptive to Him. She graduated from Central Bible College with her BA in Theology and Biblical Languages and is a licensed Assemblies of God minister. She enjoys traveling with her husband, teaching, and preaching the love and forgiveness of God. She desires to the hands and feet of God to go and serve in difficult places; the eyes and ears of God to see and hear the cry of the broken; the mouth of God to speak life into the dead situations and watch God do miracles in restoring and transforming lives.

Anisha’s Childhood

Rev. Anisha was born in Bangalore, India and lived there until she immigrated to the United States with her family. From a very young age, she aspired to make a difference for God in the lives of people. She thought she could achieve this dream by becoming a missionary doctor. During a short-term mission trip in 2007, she received a clear and distinct call of God to full-time ministry – she pushed away because she had not met a woman minister till then and thought that she was simply imagining. However, God kept reminding her about this call time and time again. That same year God publically called her out by name for full-time ministry (By the same person who called out Rev. Justin as a confirmation of God’s call). She obeyed by withdrawing all her plans for medical school and went to Central Bible College, Springfield, MO.

Early Ministry

During her college years, God used her to touch and speak into the lives of many college students personally and through the media. She was involved in leadership and became a mentor to many. She also volunteered her time at the local Deaf-church, learning ASL, ministering to the children, and befriending many who came there. She also was a teacher assistant and was the guest speaker for special classes, work-shops, and conferences. In 2012, she became a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God, USA and also graduated from CBC with a B.A in Theology and Biblical Languages.


She is married to Rev. Justin Sabu, an Assemblies of God minister, evangelist, and church-planter.
Together they live in Springfield, MO as they pursue their higher studies and simultaneously labor for the Lord’s Kingdom.