Preaching appointments

We would be more than happy to preach at your local church with the power of the Gospel and with the move of the Holy Spirit to change the lives of people.

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Sparsh Conference

Sparsh is a Hindi word which simply means “Touch”. Luke 6:19 says, and all people were trying to touch Him (Jesus), for power was coming from Him and healing them all. There is great power in the touch of Jesus to heal all manner of physical infirmities caused by human depravity and effects of sin. There is power in Jesus’ touch to make alive; that is, to raise from the dead both spiritually and physically. We have been hosting Sparsh Conferences from the last 3 years and have seen tremendous lives changed!

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Refuel Seminar is our Leadership enrichment program which is conducted at various churches and educational institutions to edify and train the leader’s and pastor’s.

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