Faith, to face!

God gives us enough opportunities to succeed and overcome all the struggles we are in. God looks at each person’s life and designs trials to achieve His purposes. God knows exactly how to strengthen us spiritually. Also, He will use and bless us in proportion to our faith.

In the next few series of blogs, I would like to share few thoughts on using our faith to face the obstacles of life.

Very often in my ministry journey, I meet with people and families who are scared of the small obstacles that pull their faith down. The problems and situations that we face are never bigger that our God. We must be able look into the struggles through the eyes of Faith, the eyes of Jesus!

In the Bible we see this one man, whose name was Caleb visualizing the tempests of life with eyes of faith in God.

Numbers 13:30 – Then Caleb Silenced the people before Moses and said, “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it”.

It is interesting to note that Caleb and Joshua saw the same land as the other ten, and they said “let’s Go!” while the others screamed at the top of their voice “No!”. People have different reactions to the same reality because of we see things not as they are, but as we are! This certainly explains the spies’ reactions, ten saw the barriers but two saw the blessings. Ten saw the giants but two saw God. Ten saw the fortified cities and their faith crumbled but the two who had faith saw the fortified cities crumble. Two said, the best is yet to be, let’s move forward but the rest said “The best is behind us, let’s go back to Egypt!” Three important truths we learn from this lesson are,

     1. Silence the faithless

Caleb had to silence the rest of the Israelites to make his words of faith, heard. The people around Caleb didn’t lie but they couldn’t see with the eyes of faith. It is very important in the course of our journey to be flocked together in the group of those who are in the same direction as we are. We have to silence the devil, who very often puts the negative thoughts in our mind that we can’t do it, we can’t be successful etc.

     2. Proclaim your Faith

In the scriptures we read that, our words have the authority over life and death. Once we have silenced the faithless people and the devil it is very important that profess or proclaim our faith.  We should never give another opportunity to the devil to sow his seeds in our minds, but by faith we must position our self to possess our blessings.

    3.  Don’t underestimate your self

It’s in the hardships and the difficulties we learn endurance. It’s in the trial and testing that we become strong. We are everything that the Bible says, we are! The other ten spies’ complained by saying that they looked like grasshoppers in front of them, “We can’t overcome them by our strength, we are worthless”! Very often, these thoughts grapple our minds too, but we shouldn’t allow it to destroy God’s purpose on our life but believe that, through His grace we overcome.  Battles are not only won by the number of weapons we have, but by our faith in God! Self-esteem is the key to a happy well-being.