As we labor for God’s work vocationally, please join hands and partner with us in the following ways:


There is power in prayer. We want to stand with you as brothers and sisters in Christ not only on earth, but for eternity. Please send us your prayer needs and we will agree with you in prayer to see you win your battles. In the same way, while we labor in the Lord’s work, we covet your prayers.

The early Christians held each other up in prayer and they saw wonders and miracles happen before their eyes!

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Praise Reports

If experienced a divine touch of God in your life through this ministry, we want to give God all the glory. We are just men in the hands of a mighty and awesome God! Yet, your testimony will build another person’s faith and trust in God.

Let’s shout a praise to our God! So, kindly send us your praise reports to us at:

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The Christian walk is never solo. God intends for us to build relationships with his children on earth. We are meant to be like iron that sharpens iron. We are meant to encourage, uplift, and edify each other in this journey during our times of happiness and sorrows, failures and victories. We are excited that you chose to visit our page.

Please take the time to connect with us through social media so we can fellowship with each other. Together, we are God’s family!

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Financial Partners

Both of us have surrendered our lives to serving God and his people full-time.

Our sole desire is to advance the Kingdom of God. As we labor in prayer, in serving, in preaching, and studying for our masters, please consider financially supporting us.

We believe that whatever you give to God, God will bless you one hundred fold!

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