When Burdens Seems Unbearable – Psalm 13

Which is more influential in your life – Circumstances or your perspective? Although we may long for a pleasant life filled with abundance, comfort and good experiences, the reality is that we live in a fallen world. Almost nothing I at it should be, but the way we perceive life’s hardships and burdens depend largely on our perspective.

For example, when we are overburdened, the world might look dark even when the sun is shining. Th birds may be singing, but all we hear is the sorrowful cries if our heart. The burdens may seem so overwhelming that we may distance ourselves from others, yet that only encourages us to dwell even more on our problems and leads us further into despair. When we read through Psalms, the words penetrate our bleak circumstances, inviting us to draw near and find rest in the Lord. How gracious of Him to give us this amazing book of comfort. But greater still are the lessons we learn from it. In Psalm 13, David is weighed down with burdens. He asks, “How long?” Have you ever felt like that? He describes his troubles and pleads for an answer, but by the end of the psalm, his perspective shifts when he remembers that God is trustworthy.
If you feel as if you are bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders, stop and look up to your heavenly father. Remember a time in the past when God carried you through hard circumstances, and rejoice in His steadfast faithfulness. He didn’t fail you then, and He will not fail you now.