Yes, I need a divine Touch!

“Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand.” Psalm 73:23 .

Read this psalm, the author struggled with the evils of humanity. Then he makes a statement that begins with, “Yet.” “Yet” says, “Here is an alternative,” or “in spite of everything,” it is a turning point. We need to turn and view God and His goodness.We should never forget the basics of faith. As we mature God is just refining those basics, they are reapplied and relearned. One is that God is “Always” with us. “Always” refers to time, and there is no time or place or circumstance left out of always. No event can make the “always” null and void. It will forever stand that God is “always” with us. Only my sin will rob us of the joy of knowing the “always-ness” of God.

Always is only half of the thought, it is incomplete without “With.” With is the idea of together; with is side by side, not apart. Wherever I am the “with” of “God with me” will always be true. In the darkest day and most difficult place remember the “With.”This “with” will sustain you and help you to get going when the going gets tough.God touches, He touches lives and He touches hearts. Jesus touched the leprous with his healing touch and God is not afraid to “Hold” our hand. He initiates and He reaches out. We may let go but not God, He continues to hold even when we feel dirty and bad all over. God is the one who holds, and letting go is not an option with God. We may wander but since God holds our hand He keeps us next to Him.

For many people the “right hand” is primary. It implies strength and skill. The right hand speaks of acceptance and God holds our right hand to say He accepts us; and to say we are dear and cherished by Him. It is one thing to say I am with you, but if I am holding your hand you know I am with you. When I am holding your hand your struggles are my struggles your enemies are my enemies. Holding hands is a public demonstration for all to see, God is not ashamed to be seen holding your hand. There is comfort in holding hands, sometimes words are inappropriate, and empty; God knows we need that holding touch; it communicates more than words ever can.

Today he is willing to hold us and walk the extra mile with us in our struggles, but the choice is ours; are we willing?

God Bless you!